South Presbyterian Church, Bergenfield, NJ

Founded 1723
Staff & Leaders

… through the grace of our

Lord Jesus Christ,

we strive to stay relevant in

changing times

so that our vision and

God’s Shalom be one.

  n a world that is ever changing, the church needs to carry our faith forward for generations to come. Upon being ordained, our leadership promises to serve the people of God with energy, intelligence, imagination and love. The heart of this promise reflects the love and peace of Christ that includes all. Living and holding this vision in our prayers is what it means to be in partnership with God.

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Pastor  Emeritus

The Rev.

Thomas W. Pinnel

Served South Presbyterian Church September 1977 - September 2008


Office Manager

Laurie Eaton

Cemetery Superintendent

John W. Koromhas

Director of Music / Organist

Al Adair

Lay Parish Assistant

Fred Toeppe

Director of Care and Compassion Ministry &

Web Admin.

Diane V. Nafash

South Presbyterian Church, 150 W. Church St., Bergenfield NJ, 07621, 201-384-8932


Kathy Cerny

Harold Nafash

Diane Nafash

Flo LIlley


Yvonne Campbell

Elaine Gustavsen

Walter Johnson

Bob Lilley

Elaine Gustavsen

and Joyce Mc Comb

- Co-Chairs
Bob Lilley - Treasurer

Diane Dorner - Secretary


Marge Fenston

Bernie Gustavsen

Joe Schade


Diane Cerny

Jim Toth

Marie Malajian

Donald Wagner


Alton Campbell

Diane Dorner

Joyce Mc Comb

Dottie Wiessner


The Session

The Board of  Deacons


Bill Henderson Jr.

Jeff Lyon

Lora Schade

Peter Thompson

Clerk of Session

Jim Toth

Ruling Elders


Rev. Mark Burnham